Send your link to your friends &
earn Swingby when they swap.

It’s simple, when your friends click your link, our system will track their swaps for 30 days.
Whenever they perform a swap on Skybridge, we will pay out 0.25% of their swap volume to you in Swingby tokens.
Affiliate program has now ended
step 1Generate your unique linkSign in using either your Twitter account or your Github account. Once logged in, a unique affiliate code will be displayed on your dashboard along with example links.
step 2Share your linkShare your unique affiliate code with all of your friends and spread it on as many social media platforms as possible such as Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, and others.
step 3Claim your earningsAs your link receives attention, your earnings will grow. To claim these rewards, simply select “Claim Earnings” on your dashboard and your rewards will be distributed.